Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Koos Breukel, The hands of Sally Mann, 2008

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This is a photo of mine, I chose it to mimic the sense of separation that exists in some of the photos below. This girl is along with her thoughts, gazing out into a city scape.

This is one of my photos. I like the light quality - both artificial and natural light streaming into the room.
This subject is alone, with her own thoughts. The soft pastel colors of this photo express such emotion.
The artist is haley jane samuelson, the exhibit is called another room. http://www.housprojects.com/exhibitions/index.html

I love the emotion that this photo expresses. Again, a single man alone with his thoughts. The composition is nice as is the color, very vibrant and contrasty.
This is a photo by Chong Dai © from an exhibit at the Noorderlicht gallery. http://www.noorderlicht.com/

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Abstracts and Color

I chose this image for its simple its monochromatic nature. I love the way because all of these objects blend into the color of the background, the light curving around its image is that much more apparent.
Bohnchang Koo, Vessels, British Museum, Londres, Angleterre, 2006.
Great texture, color and abstraction.
Holger Niehaus,
Untitled, 2006, 202 x 167 cm.
Courtesy Galerie Willem van Zoetendaal

Beautiful image - vibrant color, curvilinear form, repetition, variety and rhythm.
Kino Scandia Stockholm, 130 x 160 cm

I chose these three images of mine, because they incorporate the use of formalist principles, as well as integrate color and abstraction into the image as well.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Look @ Lighting

I chose this portrait of Joooo, taken in Nice to start off this blogs discussion on light. Joooo, my subject, is lit really well, just using ambient natural (albeit artificial, but I'm using it in the sense of all ready existing and not placed by the photographer) light coming from the street, the vendor shop behind him and perhaps the light of the night, moon.

A photo of mine, taken in Granada. The women in this image are on the move, everything about them from the their steps cause on to the brightness of their dress, to their setting suggest life and motion and vitality. The main lighting source is pictured, it creates a nice fill light, ambient.

This is a photo of mine, also taken in Granada. I chose this work to discuss lighting because I love its ambient light. The light from the cars, the street lights, the shop fronts, all add to this idea of LIFE, happening here and now, and there sits this man, by himself, a spectator to it all.

Taken at a Somali Refuge camp, in Kenya. A young girl and her father. This image recalls the idea of a portrait. The girl references a portrait sitter, in a say a studio, waiting to get her picture taken for a school yearbook or her yearly family photo shoot to chronicle the passage of time. But the reality of this image is much different. The presence of her father. The touch being shared between them. The state of her clothing, the background. All have a profound effect on the perceived reality for the viewer. Lighting is soft and subtle, enhancing the triadic human bond between the girl, her father and the viewer.

Hadija and her father Badel Addan Gadel, Somali refugee camp, Mandera, Kenya © Fazal Sheikh 2009

This is from a show in Shanghai. The photo is called "uprooted #12" from a series named "uprooted". That title adds many things to the narrative of this image. Love the humanity. The image appears to be a document to time and space yet upon closer inspection as surrealist quality pervades. The lighting is translucent, magical and seems optically misleading. The pattern and texture of the light lend to that surreal quality, unable to discern if it is real or imposed.

YANG YI: "Uprooted #12: Old Town of Kaixian, The Ring Road" (2007) C-Print. 100cm x 70cm, Edition of 12; 150cm x 105cm - Edition of 6.
© YANG Yi. Courtesy of m97 Gallery.

Love this. It's from a show in the Netherlands called: Human Conditions. The utter unmasked humanity in this moment blows me away. The side, artificial lighting, I think, helps set the tone for setting (i.e. indoor, institutional feel) and the focal point (the kiss and the boys arm are the most well lit, indicating a reference to who this boy is, meaning sick, and who that man is, meaning the doctor, and the moment that they are sharing together)

Abid Katib ©

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The blog as process........

One of my own, chose this image for it's texture, light quality and mood setting.

A self portrait of mine, chose this one as a reference to the amazing light quality of some of the images below, great lens flare.
This is an image of mine, I chose it to relate to the eery and fantastical setting of some of the photos below.
The is this great sense of mystery in this image, the color is deep and saturated but also fades into a smokey blur.
Peter Bialobrzeski, Paradise Now #19, 2009
I love the color, saturation, surrealist quality of this image.
YANG YI: "Uprooted #14: Old Town of Kaixian, South River" (2007) C-Print. 100cm x 70cm, Edition of 12; 150cm x 105cm - Edition of 6.
© YANG Yi. Courtesy of m97 Gallery.

Love the texture, repetition and allusion to the referent, of this image.
© BARBARA CELESTINA 'K├Ârperland 121', 2009